Focusimple VNA Test Cable Assembly

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VAN test cable assembly is a high-performance phase stable test cable mainly utilized in vector network analyzers. It supports continually and frequently repeated bending. Hence it can be applied to high precision microwave electrical parameter testing under environments such as laboratory, production line, testing system etc. From DC to 110GHz, it provides extremely stable VSWR and insertion loss, extraordinary mechanic phase & amplitude stability and repeatedly connection.


Additionally, high-precision NMD/APC connector in solid and light mechanical structure withstands bending, squeezing, twisting, stretching and other external forces while maintaining reliable performance. Dressing up with our special stainless steel double spiral strip+black nylon armor, the assembly can effectively extend the service life of the vector network analyzers.


VNA Cable Assembly Specifications

● Typical Value of Mechanical Amplitude Stability


● Typical Value of Mechanical Phase Stability

● Frequency& Attenuation


Connector Selection

Product Application

  • Vector network analyzer

  • Laboratory test

  • Critical test& measurement


Product Features

  • Extremely accurate measurement with stable electrical performance up to 110GHz

  • Same excellent phase & amplitude stability even at flexure

  • Super robust cable, equipped with NMD connector, can withstand repeated mating, extrusion, twisting and bending, extraordinary reliability

  • Extend the validity of utilization after calibration, reduce the repeated calibrations

  • The length can be customized according to customer requirements

VNA Cable Assembly Specifications

• Electrical performance

• Mechanical performance parameters



#Focusimple 110GHz VNA assemblies have been developed, If you have product requirements, please consult Focusimple sales team.