Focusimple - a Leader in Developing Sustainable Green Factories Locally


At Focusimple, sustainability and environmental responsibility are the foundation of our business. We believe that it is our duty to offer safe and comfortable working conditions for our employees, to build long-term relationships with our partners, and to do our part to protect the environment for future generations.


Balancing economic growth with ecological goals is a challenge, but at Focusimple, we are not afraid to take on this challenge. Over the past few years, we have been committed to sustainability and have achieved significant results.


Incoming Materials Selection


We adhere to high specifications and standards for all of our incoming materials. Before materials are accepted for production, they are evaluated for their impact on health and the environment, as well as for compliance with legislation. Moreover, Focusimple has a RoHS 1.0 & 2.0 test machine to ensure that all materials are thoroughly tested before being used in production processes.


Efficient and Sustainable Plant Operations


Focusimple is certified to ISO14001 and compliant with ISO5001 standards. Our waste gas and noise emissions produced during production processes meet the standards set by GB16297-1996 and GB14554-93. We recycle water for production and do not discharge any waste materials.


In 2023, Focusimple installed solar panels on our building and carport roofs to convert light energy into electrical energy, enabling us to operate on 100% clean energy. This is combined with the use of 100% energy saving luminaire which can be operated in a zone-by-zone manner to conserve energy usage. We also evaluate equipment before purchasing and implement efficient operational guidelines. Day-by-day, Focusimple is working towards becoming a green factory benchmark.


Innovation in Applications and Solutions


We strive for sustainability in many of our products through design and end-use. We design for long lifespan to maximize the use of valuable resources, lighter weight to reduce energy consumption and higher performance to mitigate the impact of climate change. We intentionally maximize resource utilization.


Our products have widespread applications in infrastructure and green energy, and going forward, we plan to become more deeply involved in customer projects and explore even greener solutions.


Recycling in Products and Packaging


In recent years, Focusimple has placed great importance on waste recycling, and we have reduced the consumption of main raw materials per unit of output value so that it is lower than the average of the past three years. As we are committed to protecting the environment, our production processes only produce waste such as mineral oil and activated carbon, which can be recycled. We produce zero hazardous waste.


Scrap cartons, cables and other waste materials are sold to recycling companies, and all types of solid waste have a proper disposal method. Focusimple also uses suitable packaging methods to protect our products during transportation and supports reuse or recycling by marking them with different levels.


Small initiatives can make a big difference. As a high-tech company, we are committed to taking great effort to becoming more sustainable and responsible.