About us

Founded    2013

Original Intention   Provide suitable signal transmission and test solution for valuable customers.


R&D of cable and connectors up to 110GHz 

Processes such as PTFE wrapping / PTFE extruding / Helical spiral copper belt 

winding / Armor braiding / Jacket coating / Assembly

Upgrade   16000 square meters new facility under construction.

Standard    ISO certified, RoHS and REACH compliance, meets MIL-C-17


• Product in both inch and metric available

• Oversea distributors

• Customers in over 30 countries

• Western management and working environment

Management    Senior and middle management are with rich experiences from famous microwave cable / connector companies, large global companies, and with master/bachelor’s degree. 

Product  Cable and Cable Assemblies:

  • FSA- FSG: featured in low loss/phase stable/economic/ultra-flexible/semi-rigid etc, and up to 40GHz

  • FSH: An innovative cable that can be used as semi-rigid while can be easily hand formed, and it is phase stable, up to 40GHz

  • FST: Lotus core, which is 3 times lower in phase change under room temperature, up to 70GHz

  • Flexline: Ultr-flexible test line, up to 26.5GHz

  • Duraline:  Durable and cost performance test line, up to 26.5GHz

  • FABtest:  Test solution for millimeter wave

  • TVAC:  Test solution for thermal vacuum testing, up to 40GHz

  • TA:  Terahertz semi-rigid and flexible cables, up to 110GHz

  • Connectors: SMA, N-type, TNC, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, 1.0mm connectors for above cables; multi-port connectors, bulk-head, one turn, self-lock, long tail, short-end connectors;

  • Adapters: Various high precision adapters, and blind mating adapters.

  • Probe and Probe assembly: APS and FPS series for wafer testing and PCB testing.   

Leadtime   2-4 weeks standard delivery, and 4-6 weeks for customized products.

Enterprise Culture

  • Vision:  To be best test expert in global RF and microwave field!

  • Philosophy:  Stay Focused and be Simple 

    Focus in core business, continuous simplify processes.

    Focus on customers’benefit, treat customer in sincerest and simplest way.

Development History

With the continuous improvement of "product quality" and "service quality", we will spread our wings toward the dream and to a new height!

Established in January 2013, located in Shanghai


Obtained ISO quality system certification


Floor area tripled


Developed 67GHz Cable Assembly


Relocated to Jiaxing and floor area doubled

Developed 110GHz series products
Introduced extrusion foam technology 
New factory goes into operation