Flexible RF Coax Cable and Connectors

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Flexible RF Coax Cable and Connectors

Advanced Technical Materials (ATM) manufactures high performance microwave coax RF cable using only the best materials and proprietary manufacturing methods, resulting in very low Insertion Loss characteristics, high power capability, and Amplitude and Phase Stability on a level not commonly found in the microwave industry.

ATM RF Cables offers five distinct sizes of coaxial wire that can run from DC to 60 GHz. As needed, we can also create unique RF cable assemblies. Please contact us and speak with one of our design engineers about your unique RF cable needs.

ATM RF Cables have five different sizes of coaxial cable designed to operate from DC-60 GHz. We can also manufacture custom RF cable assemblies as required. Please call us and discuss your custom RF cable requirements with one of our design engineers.

Superior Coax RF Cables

ATM employs a solid, silver-plated copper center conductor and Expanded PTFE dielectric material, resulting in minimal Insertion Loss and great power handling capabilities.

The outer conductor is a flat, silver-plated copper foil wrapped helically around the dielectric and mechanically locked to the dielectric core for enhanced phase and amplitude stability and very low VSWR performance.

A silver-plated copper, braided shield is then applied to improve the cable's axial tensile strength and RF leakage properties. The outside jacket of the RF cable is made of a durable, high temperature thermoplastic that can endure temperatures ranging from -65° to +200° Celsius.

High Quality RF Cable Assemblies

ATM thoroughly examines all coaxial cable and coax cable assemblies for Impedance, Insertion Loss, and VSWR. Additional electrical requirements for coax RF cable can be fully tested and examined in our well-equipped Quality Control Test Lab.

Custom RF Cable Assemblies

ATM can manufacture bespoke coaxial cable assemblies to your exact requirements. Our design experts are ready to help you with your next RF cabling project by collaborating with you to create coaxial cable assemblies that surpass your expectations.

ATM strives to offer good service, competitive pricing, and timely delivery while maintaining the best quality standards in the microwave RF cable business.

Give ATM your most difficult connecting needs and let us show you how our bespoke RF cables can help you save money and solve your connections challenges.