Flexible RF Coaxial Cable

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Can a coaxial cable be flexible?

The characteristic impedance of typical flexible coaxial cable ranges from 50 to 92 ohms. Flexible cable's high attenuation limits its usefulness to limited lengths, such as spans of less than one kilometer, or around half a mile, unless signal repeaters are utilized.

flexible rf coaxial cable

Are RF cables the same as coaxial cables?

The abbreviation RF stands for radiofrequency. Any frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum connected to the dispersion of radio waves is referred to as RF. An electromagnetic field is created whenever an RF current is applied to an antenna, and this field can then travel over space. Radiofrequency field propagation serves as the foundation for many wireless technologies.

Where does Radiofrequency cable fit in at this point? It's typical to locate wireless radiofrequency modules for microcontroller development kits and other design-ready items. What role does Ethernet play in all of this? At this point, things start to get complicated and unclear because RF is now a pretty broad word that may refer to a variety of technologies, both wired and wireless. Without knowing if they are referring to wireless transmission or coaxial cable, you may even hear someone discuss sending radio frequency signals. Regarding Ethernet, it's crucial to distinguish between the phrases "RF cable" and "coaxial cable."


The two words are commonly used interchangeably, although "RF cable" simply means that radio frequency oscillating signals can be carried within RF cable, which is frequently also known as coaxial cable. Coax may be used for a wide range of non-RF communications as well. Since the majority of contemporary electronics now connect wirelessly, a random mention to RF is more likely to signify "wirelessly" these days.

Flexible RF Coaxial Cables and Connectors

Focusimple develops high performance microwave coaxial RF cables with exceptionally low insertion loss, high power capabilities, and amplitude and phase stability to a level not presently accessible in the microwave sector utilizing only the finest materials and exclusive production techniques.


There are five distinct sizes of coax focusimple cables that are meant to function at DC-60 GHz. Upon request, we may also produce unique RF cable assemblies. Call us to speak with one of our design engineers about your unique RF cable needs.