Space Pal

SPACE series satellite-borne RF interconnect assembly adopts six-layer special material cable with ultra-low insertion loss and high reliability; While the performance is reliable and stable, the weight is reduced by about 15% compared with ordinary cable; The jacket is made of black ETFE with high mechanical strength, good heat resistance and irradiation resistance.

SPACE series has passed ASTM E-595 and ECSS-Q-ST-70-02 C thermal vacuum outgassing tests, meeting the requirements of TML total mass loss<1%; CVCM <0.1%. At the same time, in order to ensure that the RF cable assembly meet the requirements of irradiation resistance in the space environment, Focusimple commissioned a third-party authority to conduct irradiation resistance tests on the SPACE Aerospace series, and the test results prove that the SPACE series cable assemblies can meet the total metering 30Mrad requirements. At present, SPACE series cable assemblies have been flown in certain projects and obtained the relevant flight certification.


 Temperature range: -100~+165°C

 Irradiation resistance: 30Mrads

 SMP detent structure, easy and secure connection for batch assembly

 Ultra-low loss

 Connector with unique venting hole, lightweight

 100% X-ray inspection for solder joints

Performance Parameters

Connector  TypeSP220SP360SP500
LSMP Female
LSMP Female 90°Right Angle
2.92mm Male
2.92mm Male 90°Right Angle
SMA Male
SMA Male 90°Right Angle
N Male

TNC Male

  • Electrical Specifications

Cable TypeSP-220SP-360SP-500
Operating Frequency(GHz)404026.5
Shield efficiency(dB)>90
Voltage withstand(DC)5009001500
Velocity of propagation80%82%82%
  • Non-armoured Mechanical Specifications

Cable TypeSP-220SP-360SP-500
Cable O.D.(mm)
Min.Bend radius:installation(mm)122027
Min.Bend radius:repeated(mm)234054
  • Armored Mechanical Specifications

Cable TypeSP-220SP-360SP-500
Temperature -55 ~ +165 ℃
Outgassing(ASTM E-595)TML<1%;CVCM<0.1%
Irradiation resistance30 Mrads

Typical Application

  • 卫星

    Satellite Communication and Navigation Military

  • 1712714704554924.png

    Satellite-based phased-array radar