Sales Engineer

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Application Department: Sales Department

Number of people: 7/person

Age: 24-30 years old

Gender: Male Female

Education: full-time undergraduate and above

Major: Marketing

Salary: 7K-10K commission is calculated separately

job requirements

1. Electronics, electrical engineering, communication engineering, radio physics, electromechanical engineering and other related majors in science and engineering are preferred, college degree or above, fresh graduates are acceptable;

2. Received training in RF microwave product knowledge, management skills, market development, etc. is preferred;

3. More than 1 year working experience, familiar with microwave cable products is preferred;

4. Proficient in using office software and office automation equipment;

5. Have a high work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility;

6. Honest, rigorous thinking, and high professional quality;

7. Simple English reading, writing and oral communication skill

8. Accept outstanding fresh graduates

job responsibilities

1. Have experience in market development and sales planning, be able to identify and determine potential business partners, and be familiar with the current situation of industry market development;

2. Strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills, planning and execution skills;

3. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, clear thinking, and careful consideration of problems;

4. Has rich customer resources and customer relationships, and has excellent performance;

5. Implement market promotion and product sales according to the company's overall strategy and sales goals;

6. Assist customer service personnel to deal with customer orders, customer complaints, after-sales service, after-sales payment collection and other tasks in a timely manner;

7. Build a good image of the company externally, and establish a good cooperative relationship with customers and peers;

8. Organizing the negotiation and signing of general sales contracts;

9. Develop, establish and maintain customer relationships;

10. Keep abreast of customer project information and tap user needs;

11. Coordinate company resources to provide solutions for customers;

12. In-depth understanding of the development of the industry, grasp the latest market information, and provide the company with a basis for business development strategies;

13. According to the company's market development strategy and brand planning, develop and maintain customer relationships, promote the company's products, and supervise the implementation of orders, while providing customers with pre-sales and post-sale technical support.

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