Focusimple Precision Connector 2.92 mm RF Connector

2.92 mm RF Connector

The 2.92 mm RF Connectors, commonly referred to as "2.92 mm" or "K" connector, is a subminiature screw-in connector that was created in the 1980s and standardized in accordance with IEC 61169-35. Its operational range is DC–40 GHz. In terms of test and measurement and high frequency microwave modules, 2.92 mm RF Connectors is interchangeable with SMA and SMA3.5. Some 2.92 mm Connector RF Connectors with a 46 GHz specification are included in the series.

What Is A 2.92 mm RF Connectors?

The 2.92 mm RF Connectors are modeless RF/microwave coaxial connectors that operate at up to 40 GHz in frequency. SMA and 3.5 mm connectors may both be used with these connectors. Mario Maury first created the 2.92 mm connector in 1974, and Wiltron resurrected it as the K connector in 1984. These connectors, which have been standardized to IEC 61169-35, are excellent for use in T&M and high frequency module applications.

Advantages of 2.92 mm RF Connectors

The 2.92 mm connector can function at frequencies up to 40 GHz because to its reduced inner body diameter and distinctive air dielectric. The bodies of the male and female connectors join before the pins and sockets make contact by using male pins that are shorter than the SMA and 3.5 mm connectors. This feature lessens wear brought on by interface misalignment. Excellent insertion and return losses, a durable structure that repeats, Its popularity is also a result of its compatibility with SMA, 3.5 mm, and other K or 2.92 mm connectors.

2.92 mm RF Connectors

Focusimple 2.92 mm RF Connectors

There are 15 product numbers in the Focusimple 2.92 mm connector category, the majority of which are RoHS and REACH compliant. The coaxial cables or terminals will be terminated to the 2.92 mm connectors in this category. These 2.92 mm connector items are made to exacting standards set by the RF and microwave industries.

 Male or female Focusimple 2.92 mm RF Connectors with a 50 ohm impedance are produced. The mounting choices for 2.92 mm connectors include threaded, bulkhead, 2-hole panel, 4-hole panel, and no mounting. Clamp/solder, field replaceable, or solder connector techniques are available for these 2.92 mm connector types.

 The largest and most comprehensive inventory of RF and microwave goods is kept at Focusimple's ISO 9001:2015 certified production plant, which supplies 2.92 mm RF Connectors the same day. We offer outstanding technical support and customer care to assist you with your 2.92 mm RF Connectors problems.