Focusimple Precision Adapter 1.0 mm Precision Adapter

1.0 mm Precision Adapter

The Focusimple 1.0 mm precision adapters are the preferred solutions for testing, measurement, instrumentation, semiconductor, and other related fields. They are designed to meet the demanding ultra-wide frequency requirements from DC to 110 GHz. Its robust and durable structure, compact size, excellent electrical performance, and high repeatability ensure low VSWR and minimized insertion loss, guaranteeing users with reliable signal transmission.


 Operating Frequency: DC-110GHz

 VSWR: ≤1.35@DC-110GHz

 Stainless steel body, robust and durable

 Compact and compact, space-saving

 Mechanical durability: ≥500 cycles (insertion and withdrawal)


 Testing and measurement systems


 High-speed digital

 Semiconductor testing

Performance Parameters

IndexMaterial CodeNameOperating frequency
161-MMS09510M-10M-007(M)DC~110 GHz
261-MFS14710M-10F-007(M)DC~110 GHz
361-FFS16310F-10F-007(M)DC~110 GHz
461-MFS25108M-10F-001(M)DC~110 GHz
561-FFS28308F-10F-001(M)DC~110 GHz
661-MMS16410M-13M-002(M)DC~90 GHz
761-MFS14410M-13F-002(M)DC~90 GHz
861-FMS05010F-13M-001(M)DC~90 GHz
961-FFS13210F-13F-002(M)DC~90 GHz

Typical Application