NMD Adapters

NMD is a reinforced mechanical structure port, with the characteristics of sturdiness and durability, which can prevent the precision coaxial port of the test cable (test adapter) from being damaged during use. NMD stands for Network Measurements Division, which can be divided into NMD connectors and NMD adapters. NMD port types include NMD 3.5mm, NMD 2.92mm, NMD 2.4mm, NMD 1.85mm, etc. The 50-ohm NMD interface standard of Wavelength complies with the manufacturing standards of the NMD precision instruments


 The LPC laboratory measurement-grade interface standard

 100% independently designed/machined/assembled/tested

 Smooth and non-sticky rotation of threaded fittings

 No batch requirements

 Certified by CETC Instruments

 Wide range of model options

 DC~67 GHz

 Robust, durable, and low loss.

Performance Parameters

NF-35M-BH001N Female to 3.5mmMale Bulkhead AdapterDC-18GHz≤1.15<0.05x√F(GHz) dB5000
NMD35M-35M-BH001NMD35M-35M-BH001NMD 3.5mmMale to 3.5mmMale Bulkhead AdapterDC-26.5GHz≤1.15<0.05x√F(GHz) dB5000
N29M-29M-BH001NMD 2.92mmMale to 2.92mmMale Bulkhead AdapterDC-40GHz≤1.20<0.06x√F(GHz) dB5000
N29M-24M-BH001NMD 2.92mmMale to 2.4mmMale Bulkhead AdapterDC-40GHz≤1.20<0.06x√F(GHz) dB5000
N24M-24M-BH001NMD 2.4mmMale to 2.4mmMale Bulkhead AdapterDC-50GHz≤1.20<0.07x√F(GHz) dB5000
N24M-24M-001NMD 2.4mmMale to 2.4mmMale AdapterDC-50GHz≤1.20<0.07x√F(GHz) dB5000
N18M-18M-001NMD 1.85mmMale to 1.85mmMale AdapterDC-67GHz≤1.25<0.08x√F(GHz) dB5000
18F-N24M-BH0011.85mmFemaletoNMD 2.4mmMale Bulkhead AdapterDC-50GHz≤1.20<0.06x√F(GHz) dB5000
18F-N29M-BH0011.85mmFemaletoNMD 2.92mmMale Bulkhead AdapterDC-40GHz≤1.20<0.06x√F(GHz) dB5000
18F-N35M-BH0011.85mmFemaletoNMD 3.5mmMale Bulkhead AdapterDC-26.5GHz≤1.20<0.05x√F(GHz) dB5000
18F-A24F-BH0011.85mmFemaletoAPC 2.4mm Female Bulkhead AdapterDC-50GHz≤1.20<0.06x√F(GHz) dB5000
18F-A29F-BH0011.85mmFemaletoAPC 2.92mm Female Bulkhead AdapterDC-40GHz≤1.20<0.06x√F(GHz) dB5000
18F-A35F-BH0011.85mmFemaletoAPC 3.5mm Female Bulkhead AdapterDC-26.5GHz≤1.20<0.05x√F(GHz) dB5000
N24M-24F-BH001NMD 2.4mmMale to 2.4mm Female Bulkhead AdapterDC-50GHz≤1.20<0.07x√F(GHz) dB5000
N24M-24F-001NMD 2.4mmMale to 2.4mm Female AdapterDC-50GHz≤1.20<0.06x√F(GHz) dB5000
N24F-24F-001NMD 2.4mm Female to 2.4mm Female AdapterDC-50GHz≤1.20<0.06x√F(GHz) dB5000

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Typical Application