FSB-C Low loss Stability Amplitude Stable Phase Coaxial RF Cable

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Continuous development of science and technology,The market continues to evolve;

In order to better meet the field application needs of customers, Focusimple has carried out in-depth market research and committed to key technologies. On this basis, we have carefully upgraded and optimized the existing product line, and launched a new FSB-C product series, which can be used as a similar cable replacement for HIVEC products commonly used in the international market, with a higher cost performance.

FSB-C series inherits the excellent genes of FSB series products, and combines the advantages of pushing and wrapping bags. On the premise of ensuring stable performance, it maintains a high velocity of propagation, reduces the product cost and improves the delivery speed. At the same time, we have also improved product consistency to ensure that FSB-C products can provide more accurate and efficient service in various working environments.


Product Features

● Excellent mechanical phase stability

● Excellent amplitude stability

● Lower loss

● Excellent velocity consistency

● Good shielding performance

● High performance cost ratio

● Match the FSB series of product connectors

Product Application

● Military radar

● Electronic countermeasure

● Avionics

● Internal interconnection of the wireless communication base station

What are the advantages of the FSB-C?


● The rate drops to 76%, and the attenuation is basically the same as the FSB;


● Excellent rate consistency ensures a smaller physical length tolerance, thus improving the consistency of the temperature phase of the FSB-C series;(For a group of cable assemblies, we test their phase variation at certain temperature, and record the data from -60°C to +80°C , the phase difference is within 100PPM!)

FSB-220C Temperature phase 40GHz data

● Temperature and phase repeatability increase;

FSB-220C single component temperature and phase repeatability 40 GHz

Existing product types

Existing product types