Focusimple Auxiliary tools

2023-06-02 09:21:53 Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. Viewd 646

In order to meet customers' needs for tight connection of connectors/adapters, Focusimple has launched a series of auxiliary tools. Let's take a look below!

FT SERIES torque wrenches

We will pre-set the proper in-lbs value and adopt new “break” design once the value is achieved, given engineers and technicians confidence of a proper torque in every application. Focusimple FT series break-over torque wrenches are made with durable nickel-plated steel alloy wrench head connected to a light weight, black anodized aluminum handle, with its high quality and ruggedized design, ensure the test reliability and reduce setup time.


Available Product:

FT series torque wrenches have launched 8 standard models, covering 8 major thread sizes to meet different needs.


Disassemble and Install:


Note: choose the right torque, position, and angle.



Vector Network Analyzer

Laboratory and R&D testing

Measuring instruments

Interconnection of internal radio frequency modules

Microwave and millimeter wave interconnection

Half Hollow Torque Wrench

In order to solve the situation that the fixed wrench cannot be used in the environment where the cable assembly is densely arranged, Focusimple design and develop an adjustable torque wrench.



Disassemble and Install:


1. Rotate the black hexagonal lock, to make the white dot on the lock turns to the word "FREE" on the handle, and the torque can be adjusted freely then;

2. Insert the torque adjustment hook into the torque adjustment socket, turn the hook, and adjust to the desired torque;

3. Take out the hook and turn the lock to the dot of "LOCK" on the handle. Then, the torque is locked and cannot be adjusted freely;


Matrix switch

Cabinet board interconnection

Vector Network Analyzer

High-speed PCB board interconnection test


Self-locking disassembly tool

For the SPACE series of on-board radio frequency LSMPF connectors, Focusimple designed and developed two exclusive custom tooling fixtures, which are convenient for disassembly and assembly and can meet the customization needs of users.

LSMP right-angle disassembly tools


Different models can be selected according to actual needs.


LSMP flat pull disassembly tools



Different models can be selected according to actual needs.



Satellite communication and military navigation

GEO/MEO/LEO and small satellites

Spaceborne electronic countermeasures

Spaceborne phased array radar