How to Keep High Precision for High Frequency Testing Cables?

2022-09-14 10:15:15 Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. Viewd 828


For high frequency applications, engineers will select small size cables and connectors in design and mass production. Under such circumstances, any tiny damage on the interface could influence the test precision. Below is some advises for you in cable routine maintenance from Focusimple. 


1. In storage - use dust cap to protect connector from dirt, scratch and any other damage;

2. DO NOT use any product out of the recommended specifications so as to get rid of possible mechanical and electrical damage;

3. When connecting the assembly, keep the interface of connector in a line with the port of fixed equipment, screw the coupling nut instead of the whole connector, use a torque wrench if necessary;

4. To get consistent measurement result, apply the cable and connector with same brand, same type and same electrical performance for various batches of products under test.