The 10th Anniversary of Focusimple and the housewarming ceremony were successfully held

2023-02-15 10:32:02 Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. Viewd 779

On February 10, Focusimple successfully held the 10th anniversary celebration and relocation ceremony. Customers, suppliers and company  staff participated in the event. 

China Academic of Electronics and Information Technology, Guizhou Space Appliance Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Hollywave Electronic System Co.,Ltd., Beijing Obis Electronics Co., Ltd, Beijing Hongyutai Technology Development Co., Ltd, Santron, SYNESYS TECHNOLOGIES and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad gathered in Jiaxing to visit the factory of Focusimple and offer the sincere wishes.

Guest sign-in





Factory visit



At the opening of the ceremony, government representatives and customer representatives delivered speeches respectively. They expressed their sincere wishes for the future development of Focusimple.


Subsequently, Philip Zhou, president of Focusimple, made a speech. Philip reviewed the development process of the company in the past ten years, and sincerely thanked  the partners for their vision, their spirit of cooperation working, and for their generosity. The ten years of Focusimple are full and happy. Looking forward to the next decade, we will create brilliance with sincerity.


Celebration speech









Hope is motive force. In the next decade, Focusimple will continue to strive for the dream of becoming world-class signal transmission expert!

Focusimple will continuously improve and perfect our technical support after sales service system to service. Enthusiasm for customer service to return a first-class products customers.