Focusimple Declaration for Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy

2018-08-29 00:00:00 Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. Viewd 5784

EICC pointed out that part of the metal minerals have been the main financial resources of Congo rebel group, to do arms deals and continue its bloody conflict with government, and ravage local civilians, thus became an international controversy. As a citizen of the world, Focusimple declares and promises that reject to use any metal from conflict mines, and at the same time, require our supplier:

1. Carry out social environmental responsibility;
2. Guarantee that products haven’t used any conflict minerals from Congo and Its Neighbors;
3. Trace all Source of Au, Ta, Sn, W, Co and Mica in our products;

4. Convey the requirement to your upstream suppliers

Conflict metals: the metals come from conflict mines of Congo, categories include niobite and tantalite, tinstone, wolframite, gold and etc. These minerals can be extracted and purified to Ta, Sn, W, Co, Au and etc., which are used on electronic and other products. 
In the near future, metals from certain smelters will be prohibition of use. So all key suppliers must trace all their metal source and smelters which are used in their products.