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Accurate Test Cable



FS-6115 is developed for professional applications like VNA etc, features in high performance, high precision, and phase stable. Its built in advanced structure and adapt varies of precise connectors. Standard version goes up to 50 GHz. If you need higher frequency, please contact us. We offer armor FSK-108 to prolong the mechanical lifespan and improve its stability. It will obviously cut down the accounting amortization per month.






  • Extraordinary bending phase
  • Phase stability
  • Flexible
  • Slim and light
  • Anti-torsion, prolonged lifespan
  • High reliability, robust


Typical Application


  • VNA
  • RF and microwave testing instruments
  • Mass production testing
  • EMC test
  • Auto-testing system
  • Microwave chamber
  • Lab test
  • High precision differential test
  • Integrated test frame system

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