Focusimple Precision Connector PCB solderless connector

PCB solderless connector

Solderless Compression Mount type, solderless probe-type and Edge-Launch connectors are among the most widely choices for high-speed digital component testing and test and measurement today. Focusimple offers a wide range of PCB solderless connectors in a variety of configurations, and has been in the microwave industry for over 10 years, designed to provide the lowest VSWR solution for single and multi-layer microstrip or grounded coplanar PCBs, with a modeless wide response up to 110 GHz.

These termination End Launch connectors feature a unique two-piece bottom fixture that accommodates board thicknesses up to 300 mil (7.62mm) for effective grounding between the connector and the PCB. The connector pins are designed to mate with the board trace, eliminating the need for soldering. The combination of the bottom fixture and solderless pins provides for easy removal and reuse.

Features & Benefits:

l  Easy to install and remove,Diverse optional types

l  Low VSWR,Low Insertion Loss

l  Rugged & Durable

l  Excellent Repeatability


l  Test & measurement

l  Research & development

l  High-speed digital component testing

l  Precision PCB board thin base material interconnection installation

Performance Parameters

Solderless PCB Connectors at a Glance:






DC-110 GHz

DC-110 GHz

DC-110 GHz

DC-110 GHz

Probe Type

Probe Type - Stripline - Vertical Installation


Compression Mount Type- Stripline- Vertical Installation

Compression Mount Type- Microstrip - Vertical Installation

Edge Launch Type- Microstrip Line- Edge Panel Mounting

  • Specifications

    Impedance50 Ohms
    Mechanical durability (times)≥500次
    Temperature Range-55℃ ~ 85℃

  • Material / Structure

    Inner conductorBeryllium copper C17300/gold plated
    Main bodyStainless steel/passivation
    Tail-boardBrass/Ternary Alloy

Typical Application