1.0mm RF Connector

The 1.0mm RF connectors are designed for 50 ohms and perform up to 110 GHz. The contacts of 1.0mm RF connectors are supported by short dielectric beads, an air dielectric interface, and an outer conductor with an inner diameter of 1.0mm.

What is a 1.0mm RF Connector

The precision 50 ohm 1.0 mm RF connectors can function at frequencies up to 110 GHz without interference. They have a 1.0 mm outer conductor, an air dielectric, and short dielectric beads supporting the contacts. To ensure a reliable, repeatable mating interface, the solid walls of the connector body are intended to interact before the center conductor during connection.

Semi-rigid and low-loss flex cables can use the Focusimple 1.0mm RF connectors series with adapters for special applications.These cable assemblies achieve good VSWR, low insertion loss, and low return loss.

1.0mm  Connector


Different Types of 1mm Connectors

According to IEEE standards, there are two types of 1mm connectors:

lGeneral Precision Connectors (GPC) for general-purpose connector and cable assembly applications;

lLaboratory Precision Connectors (LPC) for applications needing laboratory-grade precision.

The precision of the connector interface, which is more closely regulated on the LPC grade, is the primary distinction between the two grades.

1.0mm Connector Specifications

Versions of End Launch and Panel End Launch

only top ground, no soldering necessary

Durability: 500 minimum cycles

VSWR: maximum 1.38 at 110 GHz

Insertion loss: typically 0.7 dB

15 dB maximum return loss from DC to 67 GHz;10 dB max from 67 GHz to 110 GHz


Focusimple's 1.0mm RF connector

The portfolio of Focusimple mmWave products, which already includes end-launch and panel end-launch threaded connectors, spark plugs, and inline adapters, is now further enhanced by the company's line of 1.0mm RF connections and adapters. The 110 GHz (5G) test requirements used in test and measurement and R&D labs in the semiconductor business are met by the series, which is built to meet them. These connectors and adapters exhibit Focusimple's high standards for quality, ruggedness, and durability while offering industry-leading DC to 110 GHz operation and 50 impedance. Low VSWR and insertion loss, good performance, and repeatability are all features of these connections and adapters.