Swept connector

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Swept connector are composed of a traditional straight connector with an additional tubular part at the rear. Compared to traditional right-angle transition connectors, swept connector not only exhibit excellent electrical performance but also offer a more convenient manufacturing process and assembly procedure. This design simplifies the production process and provides users with a more convenient installation experience.



l  Reliable performance

l  Sturdy and durable

l  Flexible installation

l  Strong compatibility



l  Radar systems

l  Satellite communication systems

l  Microwave testing and measurement


Standing Wave Measurement Graph (Example using FSB500 cable, length 0.5m):



The connector features a straight design, with both the housing and center pin in a linear form. Choosing a swept tube to connect tail pipe and housing, it achieves a transition from bent to straight configuration. This design not only simplifies the structure but also optimizes impedance discontinuities through the metal bend, significantly enhancing electrical performance. Additionally, due to the simplified component structure, manufacturing and assembly processes are more straight forward.


The metal tubular section is connected to the casing with threads, ensuring good integrity, improving the stability of the connector, and making assembly and disassembly convenient, adaptable to various types of connectors.


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