FOCUSIMPLE Multi-port Cable Assembly

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With the development of military electronic equipment, the integration of the whole equipment is higher and higher. As fast interconnection components, multi-port RF connectors gradually become one of the hot spots of the whole equipment needs. Under the current trend of modularity and miniaturization of electronic equipment, multi-port cable assembly can be multiple bundles of RF coaxial connection channels integrated into one connector and replace the original multi-cable assembly. This greatly reduces the number of cable assemblies, saves space occupied by cables, and reduces the weight of the product when providing the same number of connection points for docking. Neatly wired and aesthetically pleasing multi-port cable assembly also features low loss, strong shielding performance, fast plugging and unplugging, easy to install and maintain. To a certain extent, it reduces installation and maintenance costs and the possibility of failure. Focusimple upholds the concept of "creating value for customers" and provides more customized multi-port products for various environments based on its strong R&D capability. At present, Focusimple has developed a series of customized multi-port cable assemblies such as round 4-core, 8-core, 9-core, rectangular 11-core, armored mixed frequency products and so on.

Product Type

Quick coupling       5 cores

Round multi-port cable assemble

Customized       4/8/9 cores

Rectangular multi-port cable assemble

Threaded Fixed    8 cores

Round multi-port cable assemble

D38999/J599     5/8/11/16 cores

Round multi-port cable assemble

High and low frequency  6RF+25P power supply

Mixed multi-port cable assemble

Product Features

Excellent electrical performance with frequencies up to 67 GHz

Small size and light weight

Low loss, high shielding performance

Integrated multi-signal, easy to test and maintain

Neat wiring, aesthetically pleasing, space-saving

Accept customization

Product Applications

Ground-based satellite test platforms

Aviation Communication System

Multi-channel test platform

Vector Network Analyzers

Interconnection of test and measurement equipment modules

Anechoic Chambers test cabinet module

Microwave Antenna System

5G test platform

5G system interconnection


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