Focusimple 110GHz solution

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Since 1980s, with new material and new technology - especially ultrafast technology developing, and the popularization of broadband stable pulse terahertz generator, terahertz technology had swift progress. Terahertz technology showed unique advantage in various critical fields, such as semiconductor material, high-temp superconductive material, OCT, chemical and biological testing, IT, astronomy, atmospheric and environmental monitoring, communication radar, and anti-terrorist etc. It’s huge application prospect emerged gradually.


The transmission of terahertz wave has been an important part of terahertz communication system research. It has been a challenge due to many reasons, such as high requirement on designing precision, high cost on testing instruments, high request for staff’s ability etc. Focusimple Electronics has been devoted on high-end product R & D and manufacturing.


Till now, Focusimple can support customers with reliable link for Terahertz directional transmission via flexible, semi-rigid coaxial cable assembly and high precision adapters.

110GHz Product Series


Red+black armor, withstand extrusion, twisting and bending, extraordinary durability

High cost performance


Bare wire

Light weight, More flexible, Low loss


Semi-Rigid Cable Assembly

Light weight, Low loss

Electrical Specifications

TS110-10M10F-00.30M Test report

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