Focusimple FABTest Microwave & Milli meter Wave Solution Union

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Millimeter wave technology is widely applied in fields such as communication, radar, remote sensing, radio astronomy, clinical medicine and spectroscopy. Regarding communication, with the business developing towards high capacity, high speed and low time delay, the communication bands are shifting to higher frequency. The basic structure of 5G mobile communication is to utilize a combinated communication mode of “low frequency + millimeter wave”. At the same time, the high- speed satellite internet construction is speeding up in many countries. In the coming communication era, an integrated “air-space-ground” information network will be built based on millimeter wave technology. Focusimple Electronics is committed to provide high quality products and ser vice for customers in millimeter wave applications. Our FABTest series flexible millimeter wave cable assembly solution is providing precise, efficient and reliable signal transmission from DC to 67GHz.

1. Excellent performance

FTNA-24M24M-01.20M Test Report


FABTest series flexible millimeter wave cable assembly has a special cable structure, which has lower insertion loss and more stable phase and amplitude.

FABTest Electrical Specifications

2. Reliable and durable

FTNA Swing Test Results


After 15,000 times of repeated bending, the appearance and diameter of the bending position of the FTNA cable did not change significantly; the insertion loss & return loss & phase data did not change significantly relative to the initial performance.


Schematic diagram of bending test

3. multiple choices

FABTest Connector Information


Frequency: DC-67GHz;


Connectors: Type N, SMA,3.5 mm,2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm


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