Stated Council Annonced 350 Billion for New Infrastructure Construction

2020-04-02 00:00:00 Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. Viewd 909

On March 2020, the State Council of China have announced a massive economic stimulus package, among it, new infrastructure construction will be funded at least 350 billion USD, and is a great part of package.

New Infractructure Construction (referred as NIC below) means infrastructures different from the traditional ones. They include 5G, IOT, AI, big data center, industrial internet, EHV, charging pile, and intercity railway.


Focusimple Serves NIC on following applications:


Automatic Pilot  In automatic pilot, instantaneous transmission for huge amounts of information is required, so they usually goes up to high frequencies e.g. 70 ~ 90GHz for available wide band. Focusimple DC-110GHz cable not only go up to high freuqency, but also provide low loss and good phase stability.


Big Data Center To avoid signal jam, big data centers are seeking for wider and wider band, and that would bring more challenge to the cable industry. However, Focusimple is already well prepared. No matter 40 GHz or 100 GHz cables, we give best performance and reliability under same budget.


5G Cabinet   5G Cabinet requires a much higher level of integration compared with 4G. Therefore, the space is very limited. The FSH cables which can be bent at the end of the connector can largely save your cabinet space. With our short end connector, it's a perfect substitution for conformable cables.


Communication Satellite  All satellite components are requried to proceed TVAC test before qualification. Focusimple TVAC test line is customized for thermal vacuum testing. Meets NASA ASTM standard and European ECSS standard at the same time.