Waste-Free Factory, focusimple is on the way

2024-01-22 09:59:21 Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. Viewd 307

Focusimple Electronics has successfully passed the “Zhejiang Province Waste-Free Factory” certification in 2023!


By adhering to the principle of sustainable development, Focusimple Electronics actively promotes the establishment of waste-free factories. This initiative aims to decrease the amount of solid waste generated, enhance the efficient utilization of resources, improve solid waste management practices, and truly implement the waste-free concept throughout the company’s production and operations.


Incorporating the idea of “no waste” into business development not only reduces resource consumption but also brings about cost savings. Additionally, it curtails solid waste generation and minimizes its impact on the ecological environment.


Let us join hands in embracing the waste-free mindset, building waste-free cities, and paving the way towards a beautiful future!