Congratulations to our company for obtaining the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification Certificate"

2023-05-09 10:48:24 Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. Viewd 1770

On April 21, 2023, Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. won the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification", which means that Focusimple has obtained certain affirmation in the important field of intellectual property rights, and further enhanced the comprehensive strength .

GBT29490 知识产权管理体系认证-英文(IPMS)

Intellectual property management system certification is to standardize intellectual property certification activities, improve its effectiveness, and strengthen supervision and management. According to the "PRC Patent Law", "PRC Trademark Law", "PRC Copyright Law", "PRC Certification Accreditation Regulations", "Management Measures for Certification Institutions", and other laws, administrative regulations, and departmental rules require management system certification.

The intellectual property management system is an overall system, not only a certain aspect of research and development or production, but also a subsystem of enterprise management, which runs through the entire link of enterprise research and development, production, procurement, sales, import and export, etc.; It is the responsibility of the intellectual property management department, but it involves all aspects of the enterprise and every employee.


On the way forward, Focusimple has successively obtained" certificate of quality management system certification ", " certificate of occupational health and safety management system certification "and " certificate of environmental management system certification". 

In the future, Focusimple will more standardize enterprise management, build a professional team, avoid intellectual property disputes and prevent related business risks. In addition, it will also focus on improving its own innovation capabilities, establishing a benign intellectual property creation model, and promoting technological innovation. At the same time, it helps intellectual property creation, protection, operation and management, and maximizes the value of the intellectual property market.