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"Too many desires will lead to a loose heart, loose heart will lead to failure of aspirations, and failure of aspirations will lead to poor thinking." The attention of the brain is limited. Only by focusing on one thing at a time can we not waste life in a world full of interference. In Germany and Japan, there are many hidden champions who specialize in new products. The characteristic of these companies is that generations of people focus on making a product, and through a lot of practice and experience accumulation, they have failed for many years. At the same time, under the culture of Germany and Japan, many craftsmen who focus on doing one thing well have been cultivated. These craftsmen regard products as their hobbies and lifelong careers, from hands-on ability to theoretical learning, in a simple matter. , On a product, you have accumulated from the bottom and become an "expert" in a very niche field. If you "focus" on a small field for a long time, you will become an "expert" in this small field.