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DURALINE - Durable Test Cable Assembly

1. Center Conductor
2. Dielectric
3. Outer Conductor
4. Interlayer
5. Outer Shield
6. Jacket
7. Armor (optional)

Reliability is top-ranked character when comes to choose RF test cable assemblies. Cable assemblies must be durable enough to
withstand continuous movement, flexing, and exposure to environmental conditions while maintaining reliable electrical performance. Duraline test cable is born for that. Its robust structure ensures long life when repeatedly flexed, and offers the better
shielding effectiveness and more stability. Meanwhile, Focusimple utilizes the industry’s most advanced design for the connectors of this test cable. The precise type N connector combines Be-Cu center conductor with gold plating, stainless steel shell and high-strength PEI dielectric, which is 100 times of stronger than the PTFE dielectric. That is how Focusimple makes Duraline the wise choice of long-term reliable applications.


Good bending phase stability

Long-term work life

Tri-shielding construction


High-strength PEI as connector dielectric

Off-the-shelf product, short delivery


Typical Applications

Mass production test

OEM port test line

Lab and R&D test

Environmental test chamber

Field test