Welcome to visit Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd

Founded    2013

Original Intention   Provide suitable signal transmission and test solution for valuable customers.

Capability   R&D of cable and connectors up to 110GHz 

                        Processes such as PTFE wrapping /PTFE extruding/Helical spiral copper belt                           winding /Armor braiding/Jacket coating/Assembly

Upgrade   15000 square meters new facility under construction.

Standard    ISO certified, RoHS and REACH compliance, meets MIL-C-17

Management    Senior Internationalization

               Product in both inch and metric available   Oversea distributors    

              •  Customers in over 30 countries                 •  Western management and working environment        

                     Management    Senior and middle management are with rich experiences from famous microwave cable/connector companies, large global companies, and with master/bachelor’s degree. 

                                          Product  Cable and Cable Assemblies:

                                                                                                              FSA-FSG:​  Featured in low loss/phase in various flexibility, up to 40GHz

                                                                                              FSH: An innovative cable that can be used as semi-rigid while can be easily hand formed, and it is phase stable, up to 40GHz

FST: Lotus core, which is 3 times lower in phase change under room temperature, up to 70GHz

Flexline: Ultr-flexible test line, up to 26.5GHz

Duraline:  Durable and cost performance test line, up to 26.5GHz

Fabtest:  Test solution for millimeter wave

TVAC:  Test solution for thermal vacuum testing, up to 40GHz

TA:  Terahertz semi-rigid and flexible cables, up to 110GHz

                                                                     Connectors: SMA, N-type, TNC, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, 1.0mm connectors for above cables; multri-port connectors, bulk-head, one turn, self-lock,                                              long tail, short-end connectors;

                                                                     Adapters: Various high precision adapters, and blind mating adapters.

                                                                     Probe and Probe assembly: APS and FPS series for wafer testing and PCB testing.   ​

Leadtime   2-4 weeks standard delivery, and 4-6 weeks for customized products.

Enterprise Culture

          Vision:  To be best test expert in global RF and microwave field!

​          Philosophy:  Stay Focused and be Simple  

                Focus in core business, continuous simplify processes.

                Focus on customers’ benefit, treat customer in sincerest and simplest way.