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              Wrapping process

Focusimple has several advanced constant tension vertical and horizontal wrapping equipment. The equipment introduces an internationally advanced tension control system. After optimization by the company's technicians, the tension of the belt can be kept constant, ensuring the consistency of rate and impedance of the product.
Focusimple can wrap PTFE film belt, polyimide metal film, polyester metal film, etc.
Production Capability

Coaxial Cable:


      Braiding Process

The Company is equipped with a number of American weaving machines. The equipment covers 16 and 24 ingot braiding equipment. All the equipments have been muted, and some of the equipment has been modified for the knitting requirements of flat and aramid wire, greatly improving the weaving ability of the equipment.

Focusimple can weave silver plated round wires, silver plated flat wires, tinned copper wires, nylon wires, aramid wire sand other metal and non-metal materials.

       Extrusion Jacketing process 

Focusimple is equipped with one high-temperature extrusion sheath production line and one low-temperature extrusion sheath production line, which can extrusion and sheath FEP, PFA, ETFE and PVC materials.

Cable assembly production capacities:

In order to meet the needs of our Company to locate high-end military and test-level cable assemblies, Focusimple is equipped with automatic wire stripping machines imported from Switzerland and cable assembly production equipment and facilities such as American Beauty's resistance welding machines. The company has recruited a number of senior technical workers with many years of industry experience, and rich industry experience ensures the high quality of the products. Focusimple has set up modern constant temperature and constant humidity workshops, and the clean and comfortable working environment ensures the consistency of the products.

Focusimple can make the following cable assemblies:

●  Phase stable flexible cable assembly up to 110GHz; 

●  Semi-Rigid cable assembly up to 110GHz 

●  Armored cable assembly; 

●  Precision VNA test cable assembly; 

●  Phase matched & Time delay matched;

RF testing capabilities

Complete testing capability is the prerequisite for assurance quality of products. Focusimple has invested funds to establish a complete RF testing capability, and the main testing equipments are as follows:


Two 40GHz Agilent PNA high performance network analyzers and one 67GHz Agilent PNA high performance network analyzer.

Main testing functions:

-VSWR and Return loss measurements;

- Insertion loss measurement;

- Time domain analysis and fault location;

- Phase measurement.

TDR American Tektronix Time Domain Reflectometry Tester;

Main testing functions:

- Impedance measurement;

- Propagation rate measurement;

- Fault location;

- Impedance uniformity measurement.

Voltage Withstand tester;

Insulation tester;

RF connector interface gauges.

The environment and reliability testing 

Focusimple has passed GJB9001B-2009 quality management system certification.Environment adaptability and reliability of the product quality are crucial to national defense and military industry. Our Company adheres to rigorous attitude to product development, learns the national military standards continuously, and regards the national military standards as the basis for product development. Our Company can make most tests according to the requirements of GJB-973 and GJB-1215.

Temperature phase testing, temperature range: -55°C to150°C;

Temperature shock test;

High-temperature aging test;

Cold bending test;

Dimensional stability test;

Attenuation testing with temperature change;

Machine bending life test 

Cable pressure resistant test.