Focusimple High power cable assembly

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With the continuous development of communication and detection capabilities, the transmitter power is getting higher and higher, which puts higher requirements on the power that the cable should transmit. When the application enviroment encounter with larger temperature difference, long length, high power, it has led to increasing requirements for environmental adaptability, reliability, and localization of high power cables and assemblies increasing.For example, various high-frequency radar, tropospheric radar, ultra-long-range ionospheric radar and other high-power radar, as well as microwave relay multiplex communication system, are required to use a very high-power cable and assembly to withstand the high-power RF energy transmission to the transmitting antenna.


Based on the field application environment of high power cable components, Focusimle designs and manufactures various high power RF connectors and cable components to solve the use problem of cable components in harsh environments and improve the use reliability of high power cable components. FS high power cable assembly meets the high power transmission requirements and can be used in a variety of test environments.


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HIGH POWER Cable performance parameters

● HIGH POWER Attenuation diagram

● HIGH POWER Power diagram


Focusimple designs and manufactures high power RF connectors and cable assemblies for various applications. High power RF connectors use enhanced PTFE media to increase power, and add connector heat sink design to help the connector center conductor dissipate heat.


Developed series:N、SC、7/16(L29)、ZL27、HN、LC。

High power connector

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The high-power connector specially developed by Focusimple for PCB board can ensure good contact between the connector and PCB board, meet the requirements of high power environment, and the peak power can reach 2500W@6GHz , with stable electrical performance.

High power PCB board end connector


Product Features

Excellent stability

High power,Low loss

Heatsink disign

Reinforced PTFE

Product Applications

Semiconductor Test

High power radar

High Power Device Test